Do you have polution from PCB in your indoor environment?

We solve PCB problems

We are Scandinavias leading company in solutions to PCB problems in indoor environments and buildingmaterials.

We have been encapsulating PCB´s for more than 10 years, and have developed some of the worlds best and most advanced products for problems with PCB.

Contact us and discover our solutions, we can help you solve problems with PCB pollution.


TWO Teknik produces and sells products and solutions to problems with pollution in indoor environments. For the last 10 years, we have been pioneers and have benchmarking new standarts in our fild of business.



Development & control

Our highly recocnized products for encapsulement SPS PRIME and SPS PRIME VINTER is constantly undergoing further development and quality control


Production and sales

We produce and sell, only enviromental-friendly products for encapsulement of PCB´s

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PCB are very toxic for humans and the environment. Any mistakes or errors in remidation or encapsulement of PCB, can have very big consequenses. Therefor always think safety first, for you and the environment when working with PCB.



We are specialists in pollution from PCB and we work only with the best entrepreneurs and advisors. Always make sure that you have an experienced advisor on your side, when working with dangerous substanses like PCB.



Use our environmental-friendly and recognized products for encapsulement of PCB. Our products SPS PRIME and SPS PRIME VINTER are some of the worlds best and most advanced products for PCB.

Our recognized products for pcb emmissions

Here at TWO Teknik we really care for the environment. Our products for encapsulement SPS PRIME and SPS PRIME VINTER are 100% free of any harmfull substances and reduces pollution from PCB with more than 95%.

Avoid making trial and errors with non tested and harmfull substances. We do not use Epoxy or components containing bisfenols or solvents in any of our products.

Our products are recommended by the leading enviromental advisors and specialists in Denmark, and our products have been used in all thinkable projects with pollution from PCB.


+95% Reduction of pollution


100% environment friendly


  • PCB Encapsulement
  • Development of new products
  • Advise – Guidence – Qualitycontrol

Since 2007, we have been delevoping products for encapsulement and techniques, primarily for buildings polluted with PCB.

We have a strong cooporation with the leading advisors, engeneers, knowlede centerts, labs and entrepreneurs.

Our products are widely tested, proved and documented.


We use the best materials for our products, we have a very high level of knowledge in the field, we deliver top service only and good craftmanship. This is why we are recommended by the leading environmental specialists in the country. (and its made in Denmark)

Years with satisfied customers

Kg encapsulment for PCB produced

Recommendations and References

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Do you offer remidation of PCB?
No, we produce and sell products and solutions to problems due to PCB. We are happy to refer to any of our businesspartners that offer remidation and demolition. We work with the best in the field.
Do you offer encapsulement of PCB?
Yes, we offer to do the encapsulement, as main and subcontractors.

We always offer thorough instruction and guidance in the use and application of our products, if you wish to do the encapsulement.

Our products does not require any special certificates in order to work with them (according to Scandinavian restrictions.

Do you offer guidance and instructions about PCB in general?
Yes, you are always more than welcome to call us +45 72302031 or write to us on
How do you control that a PCB encapsulement is correct and safe?
We use the tracing substance/compound SPS Seal Trace. Its a unique and comprehensive tool to do quality control of a PCB encapsulement.

SPS Seal Trace is developed and patented by TWO Teknik.

SPS Seal Trace is a unique product and its offered complimentary in combination only, with the use of our encapsulement products.

Why are your products not epoxy based?
We have a very clear oppinion that our products has to be as less harmfull to humans and nature as possible.

Thats why none of our products are epoxy based, which may cause cancer and may cause an allergic reaction. None of our products contains isocyanates or solvents, neither.

We dont believe that epoxy is the right material for encapsulation of PCB. Epoxy has a limited lifespan, and is not suitable for usage for long term use behind other construction/buildingmaterials.

Who can work with your products?
All professionals can work with our products. We offer thorough guidance and instrucion Alle professionelle kan arbejde med vores produkter. Vi tilbyder grundig vejledning og instruktion i brugen, og tilbyder også løbende kontrol og hjælp med kvalitetssikring.

TWO Teknik are the first and leading company in Denmark in the field of encapsulating PCB in buildingmaterials.

We have been here since the first PCB remidation projects and with our focus on PCB in indoor climates, we solve many cases every year in cooporation with the countrys leading advisors and entrepreneurs.

We have developed some of the worlds best and most versatile products and solutions for problems with PCB in buildingmaterials. Some of them we have been first-movers with, and some of them we are the patenholders of. You as customer have acess to all of them, when chosing TWO Teknik as your businesspartner for PCB solutions. 

We have our own products under constant assesment and development, and we also offer to develop new custommade and case specific products and solutions.

We have a solid cooporation with several of the greater knowledge centers and labs, for developing and testing new products.


We are proud to cooperate with some of the best entrepreneurs.


How may we help?

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+45 72302031.

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