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SPS Radon Block 3kg (for 16m2 of concrete)


Liquid two-component radon protection for mineral building materials with very good penetration capacity.

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Radon protection with SPS Radon Block 4x3kg kit. Covers approx. 64m2 on concrete and approx. 96m2 on non-absorbing surfaces. Applied with brush and roller on cleaned, dry and dust-free surfaces. The product should be applied in at least 2 coats with 30-60 minutes in between. Curing time: 24 hours. Coverage: 5-8 finished m2 per kg. The product does not contain epoxy or isocyanates and does NOT require an epoxy course.

Further information

Further information

Silane-based two-component sealing membrane with very wide adhesion properties, for sealing against penetration of radon in building components such as floors and walls.

SPS Radon Block can, if there are no other entry points for radon than through the floor, seal 100% against radon. At the same time, while sealing for radon, it also seals for moisture, as SPS Radon Block is not diffusion-open.

If there are any moisture problems, these should always be taken into account before sealing for radon. We are always helpful with advice and guidance and can always refer to experienced consultants in the field – throughout the country.

Sealing for radon with SPS Radon Block is a permanent solution and does not need to be redone unless the sealant wears off. This provides peace of mind and assurance that the problem has been addressed for many years to come.

If you choose a radon sealing or radon protection with SPS Radon Block, you choose a solution that is economical, manageable, environmentally friendly, and time attractive compared to other similar solutions on the market. We offer both execution of radon sealing in main and sub-contracting, as well as sale of SPS Radon Block.

SPS Radon Block is also particularly suitable for sealing of bla. walls and ceilings, and can subsequently be painted over.

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