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Air purifiers for PCBs

Air purifiers for PCBs

Do something about the indoor climate here and now - Rent or buy an air purifier!

Our air purifiers L-80 and L-180 are special air purifiers for PCB and other harmful substances such as BTEX, phthalates, formaldehyde, and more. They make it possible for you as a building owner or responsible person to immediately reduce the PCB levels until further action is taken. The air purifiers have been tested by Niras A/S and are specially developed for harmful substances such as PCB in indoor environments.

The air purifiers can also be advantageously used after a PCB renovation to reduce any remaining PCB levels.


The filters’ special construction and composition mean that they are capable of capturing more than 79% of the amount of PCB that enters the machine, meaning that the air purifier can significantly reduce PCB levels in the indoor environment over time.

This is achieved even without the significant noise disturbances that typically characterize various types of air handling machines. This makes the air purifiers suitable for areas with very strict noise requirements, such as offices and classrooms.


Our series of air purifiers are extremely reliable and solidly built. The air purifiers are completely enclosed and locked with a key, so only authorized service personnel have access to filters, motors, etc.


The L-80 and L-180 are CE marked air purifiers produced in Denmark. The machines contain several types of filters, including microfilters and activated carbon to ensure the best possible capture of the different PCB congeners. The air purifiers can also be used for other harmful substances in indoor air, such as phthalates from building materials, formaldehyde from furniture, and more.

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Price of renting air purifiers

The rental price of our air purifiers depends on how many you need and for how long. Rental prices range from DKK 75 to 35,- excl. VAT. per day, excl. filters, installation, and disposal of filters for landfill.

See the technical details for L-80 and L-180 in the product data sheet in the menu to the right.


If you want to buy one or more air purifiers and possibly handle service yourself, we can also easily help with that.

The air purifiers have been successfully used as emergency response to PCB in the municipalities of Copenhagen and Slagelse.