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Quality assurance

Quality assurance of PCB sealing

PCB encapsulation is an effective and efficient method to solve a PCB contamination.

When you have sealed and encapsulated the hazardous PCB, it is important that you conduct a thorough quality assurance of the PCB sealing that you have had carried out or have had carried out.

To ensure that you have sealed the PCB-contaminated joint or surface properly, thorough quality assurance is necessary. This is also crucial if you, as a builder or advisor, want to avoid the heavy burden of proof if the sealing is not performed correctly and does not work.

Contact TWO Teknik if you need help or advice on quality assurance of PCB sealing. We are ready to assist you.

NOTE: It is not enough for the encapsulation itself to be tight if the work is not done correctly. The correct layer thickness must be applied, and you must ensure to avoid “holidays.” In addition, all quality assurance of PCB encapsulation must be documented and verifiable.

Best quality assurance of PCB sealing

At TWO Teknik, quality assurance is a task in itself. We have been continuously developing our quality assurance program for more than 10 years.

With SPS Primær products, we offer the most solid quality assurance in the market. At TWO Teknik, the quality assurance is composed in such a way that the contractor performs one part of the assurance, TWO Teknik performs another part, and the advisor performs the final part of the quality assurance, everything can be verified at any time.

In that way, there is 100% transparency throughout the quality assurance process – to everyone’s benefit and satisfaction.

TWO Teknik always provides thorough instructions and guidance on the use of SPS Primær products to ensure that they are used 100% correctly. This ensures that the desired and expected result is achieved. TWO Teknik also provides assistance with ongoing quality control and subsequent documentation.

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Our quality assurance

Colored layers

Individually colored layers of sealing - carried out by contractor.

Layer thickness

Control of layer thickness during application - carried out continuously by the contractor.


Control of layer thickness with ultrasound after completion - carried out by TWO Teknik.


Tracer for control of effectiveness - Performed by contractor and verified by consultant.


At TWO Teknik, we offer to tint our sealing products in almost any color. This way, each layer can be clearly defined by having its own color.

This makes it very easy to document whether one or more layers of sealant have been applied, and at the same time to check for “holidays” in the layers.

As a starting point, our sealing products are delivered as transparent, and we offer both to undertake the toning and to deliver color powder so that you can understand the toning on-site in the desired colors and quantities.


When you order SPS products from TWO Teknik, thickness gauges are always included. These gauges quickly and easily show whether the desired thickness of the layer has been achieved at the measured location. If the gauge shows the correct thickness, a picture of the gauge is taken at the given location to document that the sealant has the correct thickness.

If the gauge does not show the desired layer thickness, an additional layer of PCB Sealing is applied, and another measurement is taken. The gauge can be wiped clean and used again on another surface that needs to be tested.

This control is carried out while the sealing is still wet and is performed by the contractor.

Quality assurance of pcb sealing – our check

At TWO Teknik, we offer to verify the layer thickness of the sealant after it has cured.

This quality assurance of the PCB encapsulation is done with an ultrasonic scanner, which shows the exact thickness of the sealant at the measured point.

All measurements taken are photo-documented, and the ultrasonic scanner readings are stored digitally and subsequently sent to the desired recipient.

Quality assurance of pcb encapsulation with tracer

The tracer SPS Seal Trace is our unique and most comprehensive tool for quality assurance. SPS Seal Trace has been developed and patented by TWO Teknik. The tracer is in liquid form and applied to the surface in a precise amount before sealing is performed. SPS Seal Trace is only offered with SPS sealing products.

SEAL TRACE has the same diffusion properties as PCBs and a boiling point that resembles the light PCB congeners/types of PCBs. Therefore, the tracer substance will have the same conditions to penetrate a sealed surface as the PCB that has also been sealed or encapsulated.

The tracer substance is completely unique and does not exist in nature, and therefore it can be concluded with certainty that a finding of the tracer substance in the air will stem from a leak in the seal, and thus the seal will also allow diffusion of PCB, making it easier to determine the cause of a given PCB finding.

The unique composition of SPS SEAL TRACE allows it to be easily identified in the event of its occurrence. It can even be measured for simultaneously with PCB in the air. Both substances are analyzed and identified in a GC-MS in a laboratory.

Is the tracer then a type of pcb?

No, our tracer SPS SEAL TRACE is developed to have many similarities with the structure of PCB, but without the dioxin-like properties that make PCB dangerous.

With the SPS SEAL TRACE tracer, you can test the effectiveness of the PCB sealing at any time, even many years after the sealing has been carried out.

SPS SEAL TRACE is safe for both health and environment, and a highly accurate tool for quality assurance of PCB encapsulation.

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