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SPS PRIMARY 4,7 KG (Ca 20m2) Does not require epoxy course


4 kg / 1.800.- per kg ex. VAT.

– Effectively reduces outgassing by more than 95%.
– Recommended by the country’s leading consulting engineers.
– SPS stops degassing with almost immediate effect.
– Saves demolition and reinstatement of secondary PCB-containing building elements.
– Solvent-free and does not emit any harmful self-emissions.
– Leaves a clear and smooth surface that can be refinished.
– Can be supplied partially or fully tinted on request.
– Can be used by all professionals and cures in 24 hours.

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SPS Primary is a high-tech diffusion barrier specifically designed to stop the outgassing from PCB-containing surfaces. SPS Primary has undergone rigorous testing, and its effectiveness is well documented. Tests conducted at Roskilde University and Danish Environmental Analysis show that TWO SPS can reduce the outgassing from a PCB-containing surface by over 95% over a period of more than 10 years. SPS Primary is the most environmentally friendly PCB sealer on the market and contains no epoxy, isocyanates, or solvents. Therefore, SPS Primary can be used by all professionals and does not require any special courses or certifications. SPS Primary is touch-dry in just a few hours and cures in 24 hours, allowing work to continue after only 24 hours of curing time. This can include window installation, painting, sealing, etc. We always provide thorough instruction and guidance on the use of all our products. SPS Primary should be applied in at least two coats with 30-60 minutes between each coat. When a finished layer thickness of at least 150um has been achieved, the sealer should be left to cure for 24 hours. Note: Layer thickness gauges are always included with the product.

Indicative coverage with 2 coats:

  • On concrete 4 – 6 m2 per kg.
  • On bricks: 2 – 3 m2 per kg
  • Non-absorbent surfaces: 8 – 12 m2 per kg.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg

Further information

Further information

Indoor Climate label silicate-based two-component product for sealing even very high concentrations of PCB in building materials.

SPS Primær is the flagship product within PCB sealing and also the most commonly used product for sealing PCB-containing surfaces in the Danish market. SPS Primær almost immediately stops the emission from any PCB-containing surface, without the use of epoxy or solvents. This means that all professionals and technical personnel can use SPS products. SPS Primær cures within a maximum of 24 hours and is compatible* with high-quality acrylic paints, sealants, tile adhesives, and more.

At TWO Teknik, we have a strong commitment to the environment and our materials. We aim for our PCB sealants to be as non-harmful to humans and the environment as possible. Therefore, we have made a conscious decision not to use Epoxy, solvents, or other harmful substances in our products for encapsulating PCBs, and that is why our PCB sealant is Indoor Climate Certified – the only one on the market.

Substances such as epoxy and isocyanates can be carcinogenic and allergenic. Note that according to the Danish Working Environment Authority’s guidance on epoxy and isocyanates, they are prohibited from use if these harmful and dangerous substances can be replaced by less harmful substances. This can be achieved with SPS Primær and SPS Primær Vinter.

Our products are recommended by the country’s leading advisers and have been used on numerous projects of various types and sizes.

* Test af kompatibilitet skal altid udføres på forhånd.

Product sheet/Technical data sheet

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