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Whiteboard Paint for 2KVM



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125 gr. Whiteboard Paint – Transparent/Colorless.

Product information:

Whiteboard paint from TWO Teknik is the most versatile and strongest whiteboard paint on the market. Whiteboard paint adheres to almost all surfaces and hardens quickly.

At the same time, it is indoor climate tested and is not epoxy-based.

You can use our whiteboard paint on any surface imaginable and the only limit is your imagination. Uniquely, our Whiteboard paint can also be used on bricks and other highly absorbent surfaces that will leave the surface with a “New Yorker Look” – please note an increased consumption when applying.


Explore the possibilities in your creative workspaces with whiteboard paint from TWO Teknik, and boost your creativity, productivity, and focus with this innovative product.


Technical specifications


  • Silicate-based 2-component system
  • Product color – Transparent
  • Product finish – High Gloss, resistant to alcohol and all common cleaning agents.
  • Surfaces – Walls, tables, furniture, etc.


What you get:


  • Whiteboard paint – Base + hardener for 2 sqm of whiteboard on a painted surface (1 sqm on absorbent surfaces such as concrete)
  • Paint roller for application
  • Disposable gloves
  • Application guide


Application of Whiteboard Paint


Applying Whiteboard Paint doesn’t require a professional; you can easily do it yourself, similar to hanging a whiteboard or applying chalkboard paint. It’s crucial that the wall is smooth before starting the application. A smooth surface ensures the best final result. The wall should be primed or painted before applying the whiteboard paint. Once the whiteboard paint is applied, you can start using the whiteboard wall after just 2 days.


Why use Whiteboard Paint White from TWO Teknik?


Whiteboard paint is easy to apply to any smooth surface. The product works perfectly with most whiteboard markers and allows for larger creative areas than regular whiteboards. With whiteboard paint, only the size of your surface sets the limits. Whiteboard paint is environmentally friendly and indoor climate tested.




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